An Investment in History & Time.


An Investment in History & Time.
The historical and military paintings of the Internationally acclaimed military artist Chris Collingwood can be seen gracing the walls of galleries, museums and homes across the world. From the USA to
Russia from Australia to Europe his detailed and painstakingly researched oil canvases are admired
and collected by many.

Subjects covered range from the classical world of the ancient Greeks and Romans to the
war torn battlefields of Flanders fields and the D Day landings. His latest works covering
the Napoleonic period have been extremely successful and have been purchased by Regimental
Museums and the Internationally renowned film director Peter Jackson. Many of his fine images
appear in books as Fine Art Limited Edition Prints.

Using traditional oils and working on super fine canvas the paint is laid thinly, sometimes with
two or three stages of fine glazing producing a highly realistic image. Sizes can vary from a
smaller 20’’x18’’ single figure study to an impressive 6’ x 7’ battle scene.

Chris's work can be seen in many books, magazines and exhibitions around the World with his
latest pieces, appearing in numerous high profile galleries throughout the U S A and Europe.
He works solely in oils using traditional Dutch paints manufactured now, as in 1664. He uses the
paints very thinly, mixing in a quick drying medium enabling him to rework certain areas
without muddying the design thus enabling the building up in layers of extreme fine detail.
One canvas will take from 3-4 months to complete.

Private commissions are welcome. There is a waiting list and a deposit therefore will be required
to guarantee inclusion.

Investment In History

Like diamonds, gold, branded luxury items or even real estate, art is much sought-after for
its intrinsic beauty. It can last centuries, and can be passed on to great-grandkids and future
generations as an inheritance, which many believe is more valuable than just cash or land.
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