Luger Pistol Cutaway. Ref. #M20


Luger Pistol Cutaway. Ref. #M20
Luger Pistol Cutaway. Ref. #M20
The Luger Pistol cutaway was originally carried by Luger sales reps to demonstrate the working and operation mechanisms of the pistol.

In the first place, any well done cutaway tells a story and is an attention getter, so it has great intrinsic value.

Preparing a Luger Pistol cutaway as per the original is a time consuming operation especially if it is to be done in the correct fashion. And the demand for such pistols is very high indeed and will fetch a very good price at auction.

The cutaway exposes the following mechanisms:

* Barrel
* Firing Pin
* Toggle
* Main Spring
* Side PLate Assembly

Price on Application - +44 1233 613329
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