Luger Lanyard. Ref. #U6


Luger Lanyard. Ref. #U6
Luger Lanyard. Ref. #U6
P08 Luger & C96 Mauser Broomhandle Pistol Leather Lanyard

These rare Leather Lanyards were used in WW1 and issued to
personnel serving in the cavalry or the Wehrmacht and mounted
field artillery units during WW11. Similar Lanyards were issued
to the Royal Portuguese Navy.

Designed to be worn over the shoulder and affixed to the Luger
Lanyard ring on the pistol by way of a leather strap with brass
stud closure.

Fitted for:- LP08 Artillery, P08 and Navy Luger Pistols. C96 and Bolo Mauser.

Note Useage:-The medium length lanyard was as a general rule attached
to the Pistol sitting in its holster. Whereas the Long length lanyard was
worn used with the Artillery Luger, Luger Carbine & C96 Mauser Broomhandle
for longer reach when attached to the wooden shoulder stock-board.

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