Luger Holster Navy Ref.#N2


Luger Holster Navy Ref.#N2
Luger Holster Navy Ref.#N2
Luger Holster Navy Ref.#N2
Luger Holster Navy Ref.#N2
Navy Luger Pistol holster.

Item Description
New Made Item: High quality reproduction holster for the German Naval P-04 Luger with six-inch barrel.
Early style holster is constructed of brown top-grain leather with heavy white stitching, brass studs and
cleaning rod pocket. Has internal pocket for take down tool. Can be used with an additional loop to attach
to a belt or can be used to attach to a wood butt stock. Please see the wonderful book THE NAVY LUGER
by Joachim Gortz and John Walter pages 30-32 for additional information about this holster.

Beginning in 1904, Lugers were produced in 9mm Parabellum caliber, and acceptance by the German Navy
followed. These pistols also employed a coiled mainspring instead of the leaf spring featured on earlier models,
a round-topped bolt, and a change in toggle design that allowed it to be lifted rather than pulled rearward.
The commercial M06 Luger included a rearward-operating safety lever, and a breech stop that held the action
open after the last round in the magazine had been fired. The P08 is undoubtedly the most famous of all Luger
pistols. They became the standard German military sidearm in 1908, a distinction they held until the adoption
of the Walther P38 prior to the Second World War.

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