Luger Artillery Cleaning Rods. Ref. #U3

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Luger Artillery Cleaning Rods. Ref. #U3
LP08 9mm Lange Pistole Putzstock
10 inch steel rod, 9 1/8 inch length from bottom of wooden barrel shaped
handle. European Walnut swivel Top root beer barrel cleaning rod with steel
shaft & Jag. Reproduced made to the same specifications as the original rods.

Essential tool as used by Imperial German Artillery Battery Gunners fighting
in the Trenches during WW1. Most German Field Gunners were issued with the
Artillery Luger Pistol & Accompanying Stock-board to provide greater accuracy
over long distance.

In 1916 the formidable 32 round Snail-drum known by the German Troops
as Trommel Magazine were issued and used with LP08 Luger Artillery Pistol.

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