The Mauser Parabellum 1930-1946. Ref.#.2dwj


The Mauser Parabellum 1930-1946. Ref.#.2dwj
From a collector perspective, this is a "must have" Luger book!
It covers Mauser manufactured Luger's, and the level of detail
is unmatched. Most of the photos are in color, and the amount
of data presented to the reader reflects the exhaustive level
of research that went into this work by its two authors.

The presentation is a bit different than most firearm books, and
we really like the many "Collector Variations" features, which each
include a full page picture of a featured Luger, with marking callouts
and notes of collector interest. It also includes details of many
accessories, and has a section covering reproduction Luger items,
as well as faked items. We have to give this new book the highest

- This book features Mauser's history.
- The move from DWM in 1930.
- All foreign contracts.
- Start of production in 1934.
- German Army, Navy and Police Proof and Acceptance stamps.
- Changes in properties.
- Mauser's statistics.
- French production 1945/46.
- Tools, magazines and holsters.
- 900 pictures and documents.
- Many new facts and figures.

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