Curved Glass Gun & Accessories Display Case.Order ref.#1.M


Curved Glass Gun & Accessories Display Case.Order ref.#1.M
Winchester Gun and Accessories Vintage style display Cases.

The Roosevelt is one of our most popular case designs and particularly well suited for display if you
wish to have uninterupted visibility from the front of your case to the back. This style typically
opens from the rear with a hinged bin door, or you may request your case to be made front opening,
for convienence. In this mode, the entire curved glass section swings up for loading.

This style may also be ordered with a matching base case to allow it to be freestanding. The upper
and lower case are made as seperate units and may be used independently. The base case may have a
wooden base with wood feet or individually cast iron feet to add a unique appearence and to reflect
the character of the period (Circa 1880-1920).

The Case illustrated on this page is W20" x D18" H12" inches with feet and lock.

The width for these cases may be up to 34". The depth to suit the width. The height is approximately 12".

These wonderful Glass fronted display cases are ideal for displaying gun collections & Accessories
either at home or at a Gun show. They are ideal for all types of collections, Pocket Knives, Watches,
Medals, Badges, Coins, War relics etc just to mention a few.

Every Case is hand made. Our wood cases are all made from the finest grades of hardwood. All the
wood has been dried and seasoned before we begin to mill it. Select grades of Walnut, and Oak are
used in our manufacturing process.

PRICING: Due to the many variations and sizes - P.O.A = Pricing is on Application only.
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