Remington 1850's Pocket Revolver Gun Box Case.Ref#01cr
[Pocket Remin]


Remington 1850's Pocket Revolver Gun Box Case.Ref#01cr
This an example of a reproduction Pocket Remington wood gun

It is built with the same materials and in the same style of the
original Remington contract boxes of the 1850's and 60's. It is a
mahogany box with hinge and lock inletting in the manner used
in the originals. The lining has been color matched with the original
cloth used by Remington.

The label is a reproduction of the original instructions included with
each black powder revolver that Remington produced. It is partitioned
for powder flask, bullet mold, cap box, paper cartridges and the gun
in the same manner as the original.

Note: Pistol & Accessories are shown for display purposes only. We normally have these cases in stock.
If not the Bespoke Handmade Build time is approx 4-6 week.

Please call or email us if you require further details.

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